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The world of deburring equipment is surprisingly large. There are a variety of tools that manufacturers can use to remove unwanted imperfections, dirt, and rust from their machine parts. During the manufacturing process, factories often use deburring equipment to remove metal burrs from parts. Later on, a factory may use the same equipment with a different media to clean and polish the same parts.

Vibratory: A vibratory machine works with wet or dry media. The parts that require deburring go into a large basket. The deburring media is also placed in the same basket. The machine uses magnetic pulses or a motor to shake the basket and mix the parts together. It usually takes a day or less to remove the burrs from the metal and achieve the smooth, polished surface on the metal.

Barrel tumbling: Barrel tumbling is the oldest form of deburring machinery. The objects are placed together inside a large barrel. The objects can be mixed together in wet or dry conditions. The barrel is sealed and rotated for several days, mixing the two materials together, removing the burrs from the metal or other material. Barrel tumbling is often powered by a motor, and often takes longer than vibrating machines to remove the burrs from the object.

Blasting: Some deburring machinery does not use vibrating or tumbling technology at all. These machines use blasting medium to polish the parts and remove the burrs from the surface of the metal. A blasting medium, such as sand or glass beads is sprayed onto the object to remove imperfections. This form of deburring is one of the fastest, and can remove the burrs within just a few minutes.

Spinning: Spinning deburring machines use centrifugal force to remove the burrs from the parts. The spinning motion helps the part grind against the walls of the machine and also mix the parts with the other media in the machine, such as ceramic media or silica.

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