Deburring Tumblers

Deburring is the process of removing unwanted burrs, extra material, from objects. These burrs can cause future damages or injury if not properly taken care of and deburring tumblers are a great way to ensure that they are removed.

Deburring tumblers are great for applications that have a high number of products within an order as these tumblers offer an increased load capacity compare to other forms of deburring.

Deburring Tumblers
Deburring Tumblers – Giant Finishing, Inc.

They can be found in a wide range of applications and industries, so if you are unsure if deburring tumblers are right for you and your application the best course of action is to consult a knowledgeable deburring tumbler manufacturer.

As stated before, these tumblers are great for a wide range of industries such as in the jewelry industry in order to polish items, industrial fields where they are used to perfect manufacturing processes, automotive industry in order to create parts that will not cause damages or inefficiencies within the system, along with a number of other industries.

These tumblers work by adding a part into the barrel or drum which is filled with deburring media which add friction and abrasiveness to the product and the excess metal or other material is removed during the vibrations.

Deburring tumblers can also be referred to as mass finishers as they allow for parts to be finished on a mass scale due to them being able to handle large volume of materials. On the flip side, deburring tumblers are also great for small batch items such as jewelry or gem stones which is a big difference compared to deburring intake manifolds or chassis parts.

Whatever your application may be, finding the right, skilled deburring tumbler manufacturer is a great place to start on the journey to your perfect addition to your process.

By relaying your unique needs and requirements, the right manufacturer will be able to provide you with a deburring tumbler that will not only meet your expectations but go beyond them.

Deburring Tumblers Deburring tumblers, also called vibratory tumblers, are drums or barrels that contain deburring materials and vibrating parts that are in place in order to polish, finish and deburr products.