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Blaine, MN

Welcome to Arrow Finishing Inc., where precision and excellence converge to redefine the world of aluminum finishing and deburring machinery. With an extensive portfolio of products and services, we are your ultimate destination for superior aluminum anodizing and deburring machinery solutions.

Our commitment to meeting the most stringent requirements is evident in our aluminum anodizing expertise. Employing cutting-edge technology and precision control systems, we ensure the accurate coating thickness of aluminum anodized parts, consistently meeting tight tolerances. Our service offerings encompass a range of anodizing types, including Type II and III, Class 1 and 2, each tailored to your specific needs. Experience the transformative power of our common aluminum anodizing process, yielding coatings of up to 1mil thickness. Elevate your products with our dye sealing services, enhancing corrosion resistance and prolonging vibrancy.

When it comes to deburring, we are pioneers in delivering comprehensive solutions, all executed in-house. Our dedicated team understands that achieving the utmost quality in your components requires the perfect deburring process. From the efficiency of tumble and thermal deburring to the precision of hand deburring under a microscope, we possess an array of techniques and tools to ensure flawless finishes.

Arrow Finishing Inc. goes beyond providing services – we are your partners in achieving manufacturing excellence. Collaborating closely with you, we determine the ideal deburring approach that aligns with your unique specifications. Our profound understanding of deburring intricacies ensures that you make informed decisions for your products.

Join us in embracing a future of precision, durability, and aesthetic appeal. At Arrow Finishing Inc., we transform your visions into reality, setting new benchmarks in the world of aluminum finishing.

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Deburring is a secondary operation of a machining process that enhances the final quality of the product by removing raised edges and unwanted pieces of material, known as burrs, left by the initial...

Finishing and Polishing Machines

Finishing and Polishing Machines

Finishing machines are machines used for metal finishing, which is the last stage of the metal fabrication process; the stage encompasses the use of machines in finishing the metal surface...

Tumbling Machines

Tumbling Machines

A tumbling machine is a durable deburring and metal-polishing machine designed for finishing large parts or batches of smaller parts. A tumbling machine is also known as a barreling machine or a mass-finishing...

Parts Washers

Immersion Parts Washers

A parts washer is a mechanical device designed to remove grit, grime, oil, miscellaneous debris, dirt, paint, and other contaminating substances from parts in preparation for their use in assembly operations, packaging, or coating...

Sandblasting Equipment

Sandblasting Equipment

Sandblasting equipment includes systems or machinery, and components for projecting blast media against a part‘s surface to abrade, clean, or modify the surface. Sand, abrasive, metal shot, and other blast media are driven or propelled using pressurized water, compressed air, or a blast wheel...

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

An ultrasonic cleaner is a cleaning device that uses mechanical vibrations to produce sound waves in a solution that lead to microscopic implosions of bubbles creating a vacuum-like scrubbing action that removes contaminants and dirt, a process known as cavitation...

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