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Deburring is the process by which edges or ridges of machined parts and other objects are neatened or smoothed. All sorts of materials, including metal, wood and plastic, need this this treatment; it’s a common stage in industrial manufacturing, as well as in electronics, building construction, automotive, aviation and medical device production. Generally, deburring machinery is required after processes like molding, forging, stamping, drilling or machining. There are various types of automatic and manual deburring machinery on the market, as well as deburring media, which are abrasive materials that help deburr a surface without harming the a non-targeted area.

The two main categories into which automated deburring machinery fall are rotational tumblers and vibratory tumblers. Tumblers are barrels within which parts and materials are deburred, polished or otherwise cleaned from friction created between deburring media and some kind of movement. In the case of rotational deburring, barrels are spun or rotated in such a way as to mimic natural erosion, while in vibratory deburring, vibrations polish and grind away burrs. Vibratory deburring is also called vibratory finishing and mass finishing. Similar to these is the parts tumbler, which is usually much larger and is specifically designed to deburr mechanical parts only. Other automatic deburring machinery includes flat surface finishers, polishing lathes and abrasive belts. A vibratory finisher, for example, provides similar polishing and imperfection removal as vibratory tumblers, but unlike tumblers. However, vibratory tumblers, which often feature vibrating sections and conveyor systems, are far more complex than their tumbler cousins In addition to automatic deburring, manufacturers may also choose to employ manual deburring techniques. Manual deburring involves the application of abrasive compounds to a surface via rubber wheels or nylon filament cloth and brushes.

Some Leading Manufacturers

Rosler Metal Finishing USA, LLC

Battle Creek, MI | 269-441-3000

Here at Rosler Metal Finishing USA, LLC we offer a full range of deburring equipment. Our unique solutions are equipped with specialized features and these high performance machines require low maintenance. These easy to use products are designed to exceed your expectations. If you have any questions then please give one of our experts at Rosler Metal Finishing USA, LLC a call today!

Giant Finishing, Inc.

Wood Dale, IL | 800-404-4268

Turn to Giant Finishing, Inc. for outstanding finishing and vibratory deburring machines. We strive to provide our customers with the most cost effective solutions and these items have been extensively tested. Our deburring equipment utilizes various types of media including: plastic, ceramic, steel and more. We are a turnkey supplier that deliver all of your products in a timely manner. Contact us today for more information!

OTEC Precision Finish, Inc.

North Kingstown, RI | 401-398-0045

OTEC Precision Finish, Inc. is a reliable manufacturer of deburring equipment and we have manufacturing experiences dating back to 1996. Our products are very flexible for different application involving either wet or dry processing. We also offer machines with optional zero gap processing for very thin or delicate parts. Our equipment is designed for long-lasting service life. For more information please visit our website or give us a call today!

Finishing Associates

Warminster, PA | 800-220-3472

We offer outstanding deburring equipment at a very fair price. Here at Finishing Associates we are a reliable supplier of long-lasting solutions and our teams will work with you to determine the best product for your application. Over the years we have developed some of the most innovative solutions in our industry. Turn to Finishing Associates for unprecedented solutions today!

DeLong Equipment Company

Atlanta, GA | 800-548-8233

Our high-performance deburring equipment is unmatched! You can count on DeLong Equipment to provide you with a huge range of surface preparation and finishing equipment. We have distinguished ourselves in the industry and we are a forward-thinking manufacturer that works hard to create reliable and high-quality solutions. Whatever your surface preparation needs, we have the answer! Get in touch with our finishing and surface preparation experts today!

CS Unitec, Inc.

Norwalk, CT | 800-700-5919

CS Unitec has been providing finishing solutions for more than 25 years. We design, engineer, and fabricate deburring machines to meet your specifications and application needs. Our deburring machines are offered in both stationary and hand-held options and in several different styles and configurations to accommodate all kinds of products. Find a deburring machine that satisfies your requirements by connecting with us today!

In addition to these, a relatively new technique is also making headway in the manufacturing world. This technique, called electrochemical deburring (ECD), utilizes controllable electrical energy to deburr selected areas, rather than entire parts, then wash away the deburred material using pressured electrolytes. This allows technicians to deburr only the areas that need deburring, rather than an entire part or material. Also, with ECD, the tool and workpiece do not have to come in contact, which means that the workpiece is not subject to any thermal or mechanical stress. ECD deburring, which must be done on clean, conductive surfaces, allows the deburring of materials that cannot be scratched or altered otherwise. Also, some deburring machinery uses robotic technology to achieve precision deburring and polishing. Large parts may require a large, robotic deburring machine like this, such as, for example a cabinet or desktop polisher.

The aforementioned deburring media may be wet media or dry media. Common media materials include silica ceramic, synthetic plastics and natural materials like corn cob and walnut shells. The most frequently used of these is ceramic media, which is quite abrasive and is good for use on hard metals like stainless steel. Ceramic media are available in pre-formed shapes like triangles, cylinders, cones, ellipses and wedges. Synthetic plastic media, such as polycarbonate, acrylics and polyester, is less abrasive than ceramic and thus used on softer materials such as aluminum. Plastic media, also called plastic grits, is additionally available as wet media, perfect for tumbling. Finally, corn cob media is a clean, effective and environmentally-friendly alternative that is great for fine finishes and absorbing hard to remove liquids and particles like dirt, grease and oils, from soft metals.

Deburring machinery is a valuable investment for nearly any manufacturer. Equipment that deburring machinery serve includes, but is not limited to: molds, dies, chemical components, pharmaceutical components and both large and small industrial parts and machinery. Because so many processes can leave behind sharp edges, bumps, raised edges, burrs or seams that interfere with an overall task, most products cannot be used or sent to retail before deburring. A failure to deburr could lead to operational damage, ineffectiveness and accidents or injury, as well as poor aesthetics and quality. In addition, the smooth surface achieved by deburring prevents areas of stress and weakness from going unnoticed and allows for accurate mathematical and/or scientific performance analysis. To acquire the most effective deburring machinery for your application, speak to a professional or a deburring machinery manufacturer. They can guide you to the right equipment, whether it be a large industrial machine or handheld tool.

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